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Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrated worldwide Feb 17

February 17, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness Day is the name of an unofficial holiday increasingly celebrated around the world on February 17 in order to encourage acts of kindness.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, just smile at some passers by, look people directly in the eye when talking to them, give people some extra time to listen to actually how they are, help a coworker, take a friend to lunch, pay for a stranger’s bus ride or toll……


These are just a few examples of simple little things to do today that could change someone’s life forever. And science has shown that it will change yours too!

Research shows that there are strong links between random acts of kindness and improvements in the health of people, so do not forget to do something kind today.

Post what random act of kindness you did today in the comments section! I want to hear from you!


Act 140

Monday, January 25, 2010.

We should feel so lucky and blessed to be living in America. Our problems aren’t near as bad as ones other countries face around the world. The nation of Haiti has just went through a tremendously trying and difficult time with the huge earthquake that struck. Now almost two weeks after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, staggering numbers have mounted. The numbers tell stories of death and destruction, as well as a global outpouring of aid. Please join in this aid process. Every little bit helps and will brighten someone’s day in the struggling country.

The European Union and the Pan American Health Organization, which are coordinating the health-sector response, have estimated the quake killed 200,000 people with another 194,000 injured ( There is so much hurt and need for the Haitians. People can be seen in makeshift communities in fields begging for a tent to have a place to sleep, let alone going without necessary food and water for days.

There are many organizations that are working to bring relief to the hurt in Haiti.  Contact your local Red Cross, church, or military base to see how you can help.  It can be as easy as texting “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. Here are some other organizations that are trying to organize efforts to help

I have donated and made a small, but important impact in the relief efforts. I will continue to help in other ways through community group fundraising efforts and church donation programs. Won’t you join in the effort?

The Twelve Days of Kindness – Day 4, Act 130

Thursday, December 17, Day 4, Act 130:

This act wasn’t performed by me, but made such a significant impact, it had to be shared. This was performed by hundreds of college students, college students mind you, that gave and gave for the benefit of someone else.

You Load 15 tons…………..

Sheets, towels, t-shirts and pants were among the more than 30,000 pounds – or 15 tons – of used textile products that were collected by West Virginia University students to benefit the homeless.

The items were collected throughout the month of November by students in WVU’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program. The 2009 A-WEAR-ness Campaign for the Homeless was led by Tracy Vash’s Fashion Design and Merchandising 235 class.

pile of clothes

The collected items have been donated to the Clarksburg Mission, which is in the process of sorting to identify wearable garments and bailing those goods that have lost their serviceability. Proceeds will then go to support the mission’s programs and activities.

Recyclable textiles include clothing, shoes, purses, belts, bed linens, towels, stuffed animals and fabric scraps. The materials are usually broken down into component parts and rewoven into new products.

Since the campaign’s creation in 2005, over 112,700 pounds of textiles have been collected for redistribution and recycling. Two permanent collection boxes have been installed at the Student Recreation Center on WVU’s Evansdale Campus and at WVU’s Intermodal Facility.

Way to go Mountaineers!

Yahoo! launches social site to encourge acts of kindness

Sunnyvale, CA -based Yahoo! has launched a new site to rally its audience of some 600 million people into random acts of kindness.  Timed to coincide with December holidays, the site encourages users to post activities, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping an elderly neighbor.  Once an activity is posted, the user asks, “You in?” to inspire others to do likewise.

“We believe that one small act of kindness can ignite a ripple of generosity and we hope to inspire the Yahoo! community to create a wave of goodwill around the world,” said Meg Garlinghouse, senior director of Yahoo! for Good. “Update your status to share what you’re doing to spread holiday joy and inspire others to also pay it forward.”

you in yahoo for good

Just launched, the site already has a fair amount of content with people posting text and images. You can find the site at pictues can be uploaded to Yahoo! owned Flickr, or users may visit Yodel Anecdotal.

Holiday Kindness is near

Acts of Kindness

As Thanksgiving nears and family gatherings are planned, making the guest list for the big turkey dinner; think about those who have few or no families. Open your homes and your hearts and invite just one acquaintance who would otherwise be celebrating alone. By doing this one act of kindness, you may make this Thanksgiving a special memory for another and bring joy to your own family.

Especially during this time of year many charities need donations of food, volunteers, coats, warm clothing and toys more than ever. Go through your closets and select your older garments to give to those in need. While you are out purchasing holiday presents for your loved ones, buy a few extra for those children who would otherwise have none.

Another simple act of kindness to consider is to go through your home’s food pantries and fill up a shopping bag with some of those extra groceries – non-perishables – you acquired during the year.  Just about any city fire station will collect your food supplies. You might also consider becoming a volunteer and delivering food to the needy or serving the homeless at shelters.

At the very least, do a random act of kindness this holiday season. Hold the door for someone, yield for pedestrians, think twice before blowing your horn or buy a hot cup of coffee for an outdoor worker. Random acts of kindness will make you feel better about yourself, your life, and the lives of others.

Act 62

Sunday, March 15, 2009.

I visited a department store to purchase some new clothes. I had the items selected and went on to the store’s dressing room’s to try them on. When I went into the store dressing room, the previous person had left several items of clothes laying all over the little room and piled up in the corner.dressing-room

The hangers were actually there still, someone had just been too lazy to hang the stuff back up. I could have just gone to another room to use, but I hung my possible new clothes on the hook in the dressing room and began gathering and sorting all the discarded clothes laying around. I took care to properly fold with the crease the pants before returning them to their hangers and also buttoning up the shirts securely back on their hangers as well. I then returned the clothes left in the dressing room to the return rack near customer service. Now I could go back and try the clothes I was thinking about buying on and see how they fit.

Act 50

Tuesday, March 3, 2009.

I need to apologize for not posting my daily acts as normal on a regular basis. But this has been a busy week at work, and while work has gotten in the way of posting my kind acts, don’t for a minute think that anything has stopped them from still being done. Kindness knows no bounds.

This evening at home, my wife had gotten into cleaning up some old unused stuff she had been accumulating. While I was in the living room reading a magazine, I couldn’t help but notice she had already made a few trips up and down the steps with arms full. And around the corner here she came again for another trip down.

I stopped her and took the arm load of stuff and carried it down into the basement. She informed me that in fact, that was the last load. So I stayed downstairs and put the items away for her.