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Act 160 – What was lost, now is found

Thursday, July 5, 2012, Act 160

It’s been a few months since I have posted anything, and for that I apologize to my readers. I’m ready to back started with weekly if not daily posts. I came across a great act of kindness to get us started back being kind all the time.

A local grandmother and two grandsons found a box that had apparently fallen off of a delivery truck in route to a local jewelry store. The box was clearly marked that it should have been delivered to a nearby jewelry store.


We can imagine the collection of expensive goods inside the box looked something like this!

Knowing that it probably contained valuable items that had been misplaced, the grandmother and children took the missing box to the jewelry store and returned it to its rightful owner.  In my mind, anyone would have known that the items inside the jewelry store package would have been worth a lot of money. That makes this story even more touching – knowing they returned it promptly with nothing damaged and the box unopened.

For their great selfless, act of kindness, the jewelry store in fact rewarded them with a monetary gift for the valiant effort in returning the lost box. Kindness is not lost; we just have to look for it and then give it away to others!

Have you ever lost something that was later returned? Or maybe you are the finder that returned a lost item. Were you recognized, rewarded? Let us know.


Act 112

Monday, May 4, 2009.

elderly-manThis morning at the gym I was into my usual workout with my tunes blasting in my ears and minding my own business. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older gentleman having trouble sliding a bench across the floor from where it was to where he needed it. I walked over and gave him some help and moved the bench to the area he was working out in.

Everyone else was just busy doing their own workouts and other things to notice. I’m sure he could have eventually moved the bench by himself, but I think my help, helped him to have a better workout. I know he was very appreciative and thanked me for taking the time to assist. Now whenever he is at the gym, we will have more of a friendship than just nodding and saying hello.

Act 108

Thursday, April 30, 2009.woods

Today I was with a group of friends walking out in the woods for some easy hiking. Some of us had backpacks and some didn’t. I was one of the hikers that had a backpack, so I volunteered to carry water for everyone inside of my pack. The added weight was a little cumbersome, but not a big deal and well worth it for friends. If we would have been stranded in the woods with no water, it could have gotten bad. But luckily we just went for a short and brisk hike up and down a mountain walking path.

Act 91

Monday, April 13, 2009.

You have heard about my good friend that I play in the church praise band with that has cancer. I have talked about our guitar stories we have shared, and even how I’ve helped him carry his equipment and gear out to his car after practice.

Tonight I had the sobering task to play at his funeral service. However, he made sure that it was a celebration of life service for him, and not a sad event. The entire praise band was there and played for the great crowd in attendance. It was an emotional evening, but I know that my friend would have been happy and pleased with us for the celebration we had.

It was an honor to be able to take time out of my evening to be up on that stage and playing in remembrance of my friend. While he is up in heaven making music with the great praise band of angels, we will try to carry on here below the best we can.

Act 73

Thursday, March 26, 2009.

This evening at our church praise band practice we actually got to knock off, tear down, and get home a little early. One of the older gentleman that plays guitar in the band was leaving right as I was and carrying all of his stuff. I had both arms full too carrying my bass guitar, tuner, and stack of music; but he had a little more to handle in a guitar, a pedal board in the case, stand, and music. So as we both walked out toward the door, I hurriedly moved ahead of him, to put all of my stuff down on the ground. I then opened the door for him to go outside and assisted him getting to his car and loaded. I then returned back inside to round up my gear and head home for the night!

Act 27

Sunday, February 8, 2009.

My friend in our church praise band that has cancer was able to finally come to service on Sunday. He even felt strong enough to join us and play with us for morning worship. This small act on his part of showing his witness and putting his faith to work by coming to church and continuing to participate in the service, even though he isn’t able, is more of a testament to everyone in our congregation than he realizes.

I made a special effort after the service when we were tearing down the equipment to go over and give him a hug and thank him for coming and what a privilege it was to play on stage with him again. I made sure that he got his equipment (this is the gear junkie remember) all put away and if he needed anything carried off the stage. He then told me how he was selling some of his guitar and bass equipment because he wasn’t going to be able to use ibass-and-ampt any more. It was so sad to hear him say this, being forced to give up his love of music and gear. But I quickly assured him that I would buy his bass amplifier and maybe more with no hesitation. 

He seemed to be so excited and full of joy that someone wanted his equipment that much. I assured him that I would not do it justice playing it as well as he had, but that I would be honored to be using his equipment. It was going to be a good day for both of us!