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Act 159 – Paying the Kindness Forward:WVSU HOUSE Program gets surprise Christmas gift

Thursday, December 22, 2011, Act 159

It seems to be true that the holiday season brings out the best in everyone. Even when most organizations are wishing for an end of the year donation or surprise gift, it usually doesn’t happen. But the West Virginia State University Helping Our Undergraduates Succeed in Education (HOUSE) Program’s Christmas got an early visit from a local “Santa” and made their Christmas so much brighter!

The WVSU HOUSE Program consists of two nationally unique programs for young adults who have faced challenges growing up and serving formerly homeless and battered women who want to begin their college education. The WVSU HOUSE Program exists to help these individuals achieve their goals by providing comprehensive, nurturing transitional housing programs.

Mr. Ray Williams contacted the WVSU HOUSE program about making a large holiday donation to the program. Williams told a touching story of how his home recently burned down and the abundance of love and support he received from the community. Williams, overcome with gratitude, was inspired by his daughter Ostin’s suggestion in holiday spirit and paying the kindness forward. Without hesitation Williams decided to use the same amount of money he was given in his time of need and donate it to select nonprofit organizations around the Kanawha Valley in a pay-it-forward fashion.

The WVSU HOUSE program would like to thank Ray, daughter Ostin, and son Grant for their overwhelming $1000 gift. Their kindness and generosity made the holidays brighter for WVSU’s HOUSE Program in helping to provide residence, guidance, and support for “at-risk” young adults and abused or formerly homeless females. The gift will be a welcome addition to the program going towards program costs, while directly assisting the residents and their children.
For more information on the WVSU HOUSE Program, contact David Boyles at dboyles@wvstateu.edu or by phone at 304.766.6994 or visit the WVSU HOUSE on the web at http://www.grdi.wvstateu.edu/extension/family-and-consumer-science/house


Acts of kindness do a mind and body good

We all know that one bad apple can poison the well. Just as one sour apple can spread it’s infectious disease, so too can one or two caring souls spread acts of kindness.

There are many tragedies that plague our world and our every day lives. Bad things happen to good people and it seems unjust and unfair, and it is. However, recent encounters in our country and world have left me feeling such hope and joy, that I cannot help but feel its infectious goodness spreading within us and extending beyond our own small limits.

Recently an outpouring of donations has gone out to our troops, the people of Haiti, food banks, local organizations and churches. I have always been one to give what I can to these groups, but today’s society of people have shown me I am not alone. This experience has taught me several things.

When we sincerely tell our friends, “I am happy to help.” This statement means two things. We are excited to be able to help a friend in need, but people don’t realize the happiness gained from being selfless and sincere and dedicated to a cause and realizing the efforts and impact of a small group.

Whether rallying for a school, for an illness, for an organization, or for a country living in ruins, people are willing to reach out in whatever way they can. This knowledge is a great comfort to me. My mind can rest easier now knowing that there are many, many people who will help our fellow-man and assist to rebuild dreams and lives which makes these worldly burdens a little lighter and a lot more manageable.