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Hold a Door for Someone today

Hold the Door Open for Someone

Holding the door open for someone is something they just do in old movies, right? Guess again. Holding the door open is a polite and thoughtful act you can easily do for your family, friends and even strangers, every day. Whether you’re at school, the grocery story, at work, or at home, those around you will certainly appreciate your good manners.


How you treat others can also say a lot about you as a person. If actions really do speak louder than words, what are you telling others about yourself? Besides, everyone appreciates a polite act, like having a door held open for them. Hold a door open for someone and give them a smile. A small gesture on your part, like holding the door open for someone, will certainly brighten their day and may even turn around a bad mood.

Step It Up

Go out of your way whenever you can to hold a door open for others. If you are about to enter a door, and you notice that there are people behind you, hold the door open for them until all of them are inside.

Keep It Simple

Remember to hold the door open for others whenever the occasion arises.

from: The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation


I want to hear from you

Yesterday marked act 90 and over 90 days that I’ve been sharing the acts of kindness that I have performed each day. The receivers have been friends, family, my wife, and even complete strangers. But enough about me, now I want to hear from you. I would like for you to write and comment on this blog about examples of the kind acts you would like to receive. What random act of kindness would blow your mind and leave you speechless? Or tell us about your own acts of kindness.

What kind acts have you performed in the past that made a difference to someone and left an impression on you as well? I know there are many kind people out there, let’s hear your stories….

Act 84

Monday, April 6, 2009.

While on campus for class today, a strange older person was walking around in front of one of the school buildings and looking very confused. While all the other students were hurrying on past and no one was paying any attention or offering to help, I made it a point to go over and give the person some assistance.direction-sign

They explained to me what building they were looking for, but couldn’t find it because they had never been to the University campus before. After explaining the way to get to the building they needed across campus, I took out a piece of paper and drew a rough map for the person to follow in getting there.

Act 23

Wednesday, February 4, 2009.

Last night, I had to run to the store before going home. I was in a huge hurry only having an hour before I had to be at another appointment across town. But kindness waits for no one.

While at the store last night, I not only helped a kind, soft-spoken, older lady get a few items from the top of a shelf that she couldn’t reach; while in the checkout line (that seemed to never move) I let someone in line behind me who only had a few things to move up and go in front of me in the check out line.checkout-line

I was a little late for my other appointment, but I didn’t care. The kindness that I was able to participate in was meaningful to me and hopefully to the people that I helped along the way.

Stuff like that blows people’s minds, it’s so unexpected, and so appreciated!

Pass it on….