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Valentine’s Day – Go out and spread the love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all mushy romance. While that’s certainly the traditional meaning in many cultures – it can just be a day to really celebrate Love. To connect with the special people in your life and really let them know how much they mean to you.

I’m a big believer in “as within, so without.” When we have peace, joy, love and harmony inside – that’s what we put out into the world at large. And it makes a difference. A BIG difference. You can make a difference to someone.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons I really love social media so much. We have a chance to connect with people all over world and let some folks know that they are not alone.

If you see someone today, give them the gift of your full attention – if even for a brief moment. A genuine smile and eye contact can make a person’s day — you’ll see them suddenly light up, because they’ve really been seen!

When you see someone in a store, restaurant, at the checkout, or you’re passing by a colleague today, really see the person and connect from the heart.

I truly hope this is a magical and special day for you and others around you that you impact!



Tell me you’re story

For over 70 days I’ve been sharing the acts of kindness that I have performed each day. The receivers have been friends, family, my wife, and even complete strangers. But enough about me, now I want to hear from you. I would like for you to write and comment on this blog about examples of the kind acts you would like to receive. What random act of kindness would blow your mind and leave you speechless? Or tell us about your own acts of kindness.

What kind acts have you performed in the past that made a difference to someone and left an impression on you as well? I know there are many kind people out there, let’s hear your stories….

Act 17

Thursday, January 29, 2009.

I had praise band practice at church this evening. Nothing out of the ordinary to start. Something you need to know about musicians, however, is that they are peculiar over some things. We all have our little quirks and traits about how we like to have our equipment set up, how our guitar stands are handled, and our favorite guitar picks or instrument cables we own. guitar-cable

Someone in the praise band that night had some trouble with their equipment and setup. Their instrument cable went completely out and no current was coming from the guitar to the amplifier. We all new what had happened and that the problem could be easily fixed with another cable. Most of our praise band members always carry an abundance of equipment, just in case of such instances. But tonight, there was no extra cables to be found.

I however, had my favorite guitar cable cord in my case. I was using a different one and saving the favorite. Without even thinking I quickly volunteered that I had an extra cable. I could have given my friend the cable I was using, and then I could have pulled out my favorite. But that is not the kindness that I wanted to show. I went over to my case and retrieved my favorite guitar cable and gave it to my bandmate to use.

At the end of practice, the person tried to return it to me. But I knew they would need something in the time being until they were able to get a new cable. I told them to hang on to it until they got another instrument cable and that they might need it to practice with before this Sunday.