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Act 148

Monday, June 7, 2010, Act 148.

At the same work conference for eXtension I met the only representative from Pennsylvania in one of my workshop sessions. I had interacted with him through Twitter, but never meeting him in person.  That evening, he had no one to go to dinner with so I invited him to join me and my coworker.  We had a fun evening of food and music and hanging out with our new friend from Penn State Extension Service.


Act 95

Friday, April 17, 2009.

Today I was able to teach three free one hour workshops for the Community College. The subject was social media 101 and how to utilize these new tools for business, family, and students. The workshops were great. Well attended with attentive audiences.

social-media-workshopBut the last workshop of the day was a little different. Only 1 person showed up for it. I could have cancelled it and went home early, but I wanted to give the student who wanted to learn a chance to participate in the new phenomenon of social media currently taking place. I actually stayed the entire hour and spent it one-on-one with the student answering questions and showing how these new media tools worked.

Act 70

Monday, March 23, 2009.

The day was winding down at work and I was rushing off to a meeting in Charleston. It was a scheduled meeting that I was looking forward to in learning about a new product and service that I could use. The meeting was casual and in a downtown coffee shop. So the first thing I did when I arrived was to buy the person I was meeting and I a fresh cup of hot joe (I actually had chai tea).coffee-cup

That kind jesture lightened the mood for the following meeting. We sat and talked and joked and really made some great progress. I learned a lot about the service being offered and I helped him get connected to an even broader potential customer base.